Pollies and coal lobby created gas problem

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Some years back the LNG people offered to convert all of the coal fired power stations to natural gas free of charge.

The politicians and the coal lobby totally rejected and defeated the proposition.

Australia wobbled onwards burning dirty coal and the LNG guys began shipping the cleaner LNG overseas to China to obtain a revenue.

The ships are very obvious with big white golf ball like tanks protruding from the decks.

Now after (former Prime Minister Scott) Morrison saying ” this is a lump of coal, don’t be afraid ” it has all gone as expected – Greenies still hollering for clean fuel, the shortage of gas and emergency measures trying to fix that and the new (Government) having as well to get stagnant coal fired power stations back online fast.

So to sum it all up, it is the coal lobby and the associated politicians who have totally created the problem.

The gas guys tried but were beaten at every turn. 

Email, Jun 8
John Strang, Woy Woy

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  1. Stoney Ascension | June 17, 2022 at 8:34 pm | Reply

    The pollies, liberals and labor plus unions have created all the problems we face today. N.S.W. had one of the world’s best cheap power generation systems in the 1980’s under the Electricity Commission of N.S.W. This body was set up in 1950 to solve the same problems we face today. In reality, the power industry is a mess today because weak premiers saw it as a pot of gold for their infrastructure dreams and milked this well-established and productive source of income. Then selling parts of it to foreign countries that were only interested in making money for the short term until the generating plants & grids finally ran out of fuel & were unable to be repaired. No political party is willing to acknowledge the real reason for this. Because they knew they did the wrong thing by the state & country. The sad part is this E.C. body would have had a good mix of renewables to satisfy everybody if the money had not been plundered from it’s business.

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