Print Schedule

Key: CCN = Coast Community News

NOTE: Booking and the material deadline EOD (end of day) Tuesday on the week of publication.

The only region-wide weekly print newspaper

27,000 copies are distributed each week to over 100 distribution spots across the region.

The estimated weekly average print readership is over 65,000 *. This includes the readership of the weekly full facsimile digital flip-book version of the newspaper (See online editions here –

* An industry estimate based on the number of adults in the household.  This estimate is based on the assumption that once a newspaper is in the home/business, the adult members will read it. The Central Coast has an average household of 2.5 people. 2.1 of those being adults.

  • PEW Research Estimates 2016
  • Economy ID Census 2016

NB: From June 2022 the Pelican Post and Coast Community Chronicle have been incorporated into Coast Community News. The distribution is shared across the entire region.