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We love and live on the Central Coast

We’re all for the Central Coast – we live here, we work here, we spend our time and our dollars here. We listen, we volunteer and we’re involved in the local community. We’re locally owned and we employ locals. That’s why over 250,000 coasties support us.

Ph: 4325 7369

Email: editorial@centralcoastnews.net
Level 1, 86-88 Mann St, Gosford

PO Box 1056, Gosford 2250

Web: coastcommunitynews.com.au

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Central Coast Newspapers is a locally owned and based public interest news service that publishes across multiple platforms; in print, online, on mobile, social media, audio/video and subscription services.

CCN is a family-owned business that employs local staff who live on the Central Coast.


The amalgamated digital news service coastcommunitynews.com.au has a 274,000 regular users & 1,600,000 page views (July 2022) – the combined associated social media assets have a monthly reach of 130,000 people including – YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram (July 2022). The combined push notifications of email and web push subscription list of 94,000 (July 2022).


CCN publishes and distributes and amalgamated weekly masthead Coast Community News, with a total print run of over 45-55,000 papers each week.

Contributions are welcome and are preferred in email form, ideally with any relevant photographs attached. Contributions must include the contributor’s name, address and phone number. This is not for publication but name and suburb will be published and anonymous contributions will not be included.

Journalists: Terry Collins, Sue Murray.

Contributing journalists Hayley McMahon, Haakon Barry, Merilyn Vale & Jackie Pearson.

Reporter: David Abrahams.

Video and audio production: Alex Herget, Haakon Barry

Print Graphic Design: Brad Yee

Digital Editor: David Abrahams

Head of Distribution: Anthony Wagstaff

Publisher: Ross Barry

Ph: 4325 7369
Email: editorial@centralcoastnews.net
Level 1, 86-88 Mann St, Gosford

PO Box 1056, Gosford 2250

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Web: coastcommunitynews.com.au – Social: FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube

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