St Huberts Island Bridge design

Final concept design of the St Huberts Island Bridge safety upgrade


I refer to the proposed design of the safety upgrade to the St Huberts Island Bridge (PP 043).

Although it looks very nice compared to the existing one, I am concerned about some aspects of it.

For starters, I see no provision for cyclists; do the good burghers of St Huberts Island not ride bikes?

Then there is the matter of pedestrian safety; the only visible protection from errant drivers would seem to be merely a kerb.

Finally, as one trained in traffic control as part of a VRA course I see no “escape route” for the benighted pedestrians as the fence is in the way.

I do hope that this concept is merely just that: a concept, and not the final proposal.

Email, Jan 24
Dave Horsfall, North Gosford

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  1. simon beaumont | January 30, 2022 at 9:04 pm |

    make the bridge a thirty kmh zone with speed cameras. this would make it safer for pedestrians, cyclist and vehicles. plenty of signage so no one can complain if they get fined.

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