Revitalisation plans for Sunken Monkey

An overview of the proposal as seen from Erina Creek

Renovations estimated at $1.9M are being planned for The Sunken Monkey Hotel at Erina.

Occupying a 6,513sqm site on the banks of Erina Creek, the hotel is in a high exposure position on The Entrance Rd with frontage to Bonnal Rd.

The proposed alterations and additions will include refurbishments to the ground and first floor, external façade upgrades, new services and a new covered terrace area.

Perspective of how the upgrade will look

On the ground floor there will be an upgrade of the gaming room, new bathrooms, new office, new lift and updates to the bistro and sports bar lounge areas.

Level one will have a new lobby area, new lift, bathroom and upgrade to the bar area.

The outside of the buildings will get a new architectural look and a covered outdoor terrace will be added.

According to the development application there will be no changes to the operating hours of the hotel or new uses over and above those already approved.

The development application (2024/2023) is open for public feedback until January 16 on Central Coast Council’s website.

2 Comments on "Revitalisation plans for Sunken Monkey"

  1. They should change the name back to the Woodport Inn,
    Much classier than The Sunken Money – a stupid name that no one remembers!

  2. it was a sad day when they painted it black, made it look like a funeral home, the proposals making it white again is good news, roof too? helps reduce cooling costs, some water tanks and solar panels too should be required. The big brown parts should go, would not help ours or their footprint, proposal looks weird, not as bad as black “funeral home” look. IMO cool colours, white pale blue, consider the river bank and use to advantage. Maybe council will make better decisions to enhance the area

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