Central Coast has worst drink driving record in NSW

The NRMA is calling for more Random Breath Testing

The Central Coast has topped a list of Local Government Areas (LGA) in NSW with the highest recorded numbers of drivers caught drink driving.

The NRMA’s Bust the Boozers report sees the Central Coast top the list with 919 offenders in 2022, well ahead of second-placed Tweed Shire with 430.

Even in Greater Sydney, the highest number of offenders, recorded in the Sydney CBD, was 579 – well below the Central Coast statistic.

The NRMA has warned motorists against drink driving in the wake of the list and as the festive season approaches.

An e-petition launched in November by the NRMA on the NSW Parliamentary website calling for an increase in Random Breath Testing has so far attracted more than 23,270 signatures.

Random Breath Tests (RBT) conducted in NSW remain more than 35 per cent below pre-pandemic levels.

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury reminded motorists of the risks of drink driving during the festive season, with many people attending Christmas parties.

“There have been 70 more deaths since this time last year which represents a 27 per cent increase to the road toll, so we are again reminding drivers to leave the car at home if attending work Christmas parties and planning on drinking,” he said.

“We want the public to play its part while at the same time reiterating our call to the NSW Government to significantly increase the number of RBTs across the state.

“We need a particular focus on regional communities where road fatalities are significantly higher and the temptation to drink and drive can be greater due to a lack of alternative transport options, especially late at night.”

Bust the Boozers outlines that the Austroads best practice model is for at least 1.1 RBT tests per licence holder per year.

On this year’s figures this equates to more than 7.3 million tests across NSW.

“We know seeing RBTs on the road is the ultimate deterrent to drink driving,” Khoury said.

“The more drivers see them set up on the side of the road testing drivers the more likely they are to not risk drink driving.

“In Western Australia where the highest number of tests were conducted per licence holder in 2022, the rate of detection was the lowest of all states and territories.

“In the ACT where the lowest number of tests were conducted per licence holder, one in 42 drivers blew over the limit.”

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  1. Could it be that RBT is a priority to the Central Coast increasing the numbers of positive tests than the other areas.

  2. Zero public transport available on the coast after hours? Any coincidence?

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