New technology to improve water services

Council says the new technology will help improve water services

Central Coast Council Water and Sewer is investing $200,000 into new technology which is set to improve water service reliability and enhance water conservation in the region.

The technology decreases disruption of water services for the community by eliminating the need to shut down water mains during large water main valve replacements.

Council Director for Water and Sewer Jamie Loader said it was another step forward in improving the customer experience and the efficient management of water resources.

“This initiative is part of our long-term plan to deliver on our customer values and environmental commitment with a focus on Council’s Water Quality Program,” he said.

“A testing phase at Bateau Bay earlier this year proved successful, confirming the decision to invest funds into the equipment needed for the installation of the new technology.

“We have also committed to upskilling a small team within Council for ongoing installation and maintenance of the technology.

“One huge advantage of this new technology is when we need to replace large valves during essential maintenance works, the installation of this new type of ‘S’ gate valve does not require the water to be turned off.

“So, unlike previous occasions, customers will not experience any disruption to their water supply.

“Water wastage will also be reduced by up to 95,000 litres per job—preserving our valuable water resource.”

Council Administrator Rik Hart said Water and Sewer was working steadily to improve performance to meet the needs of customers now and into the future.

“The adoption of new technology in our community helps to ensure that Council can meet future resource demands on the Central Coast as we build resilience to environmental changes,” he said.

Essential works, training and installation will start in February 2024.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Just watched a video of actual installation I would like a council engineer to explain where the drill swarf or waste goes when the inservice valve is drilled Genuine question?

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