Bank closures let down loyal customers

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Re: Commonwealth Bank to close Umina Beach branch

As a retired staff member of 40 years, with 8 years at this branch, I am very disappointed that the branch is closing!! So many older clients have been forgotten and not considered at all.

Stats have NO feelings for clients’ needs.. once again, the bank has let down its most dedicated customers.

Penny Clare via website article

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  1. Not everyone has a smart phone or computer or can use one even if they did. I have 7 holes in my brain and l want to talk to a bank in person to ensure I understand properly.
    That’s why when the branch at the Entrance shut, l took my fathers money AND MOVED IT

  2. Peter Nutland | August 6, 2022 at 7:30 pm | Reply

    Bendigo bank come join us.

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