Moving Flakelar sculpture outrageous

Kibble Park

I knew John Flakelar, the designer of the fountain, and other leaders behind the original development of Kibble Park – John Phillips, Malcolm Brooks, Peter Turnbull and Kevin Booth, together with a litany of other Gosford civic leaders, who have built other parks including Brady Gully, Point Frederick, and the now-defunct Poppy Monument by Gosford waterfront.

I know they would be, and are, outraged at this unsolicited, unrepresentative swill of dishonest backroom manoeuvring.

Please stop this outrageous vandalism of removing a symbolic monument that as a fountain is a living pumping heart in Gosford, to (become) just a mess of rotting and rusting and out-of-place pipes in a Narara park.

This is outrageous and must be stopped – at least until we can have democracy in Gosford.

Email, Apr 26
Greggo Hooper, Past President of Rotary Club of Gosford and Rotary Club of Terrigal

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  1. Mrs M Phillips | May 7, 2022 at 7:00 pm |

    Leave Kibble Park Fountain as is.
    Gosford cbd is sooo run down Kibble Park as it is,it’s the only saving grace,anything of beauty,interest….We’d bring our family to the Park in the 80s and thought how perfect it was our children loved Kibble Park.

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