People power should demand demerger

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It’s rare for me to agree with anything Labor says but on the occasion of local Labor politicians calling on the new Minister for Local Government to sort out the mammoth stuff-up with the amalgamation of Gosford and Wyong Councils I think they are on the right tram (CCN324).

As I understand it, the purpose of local government is to enable constituents, especially ratepayers, to govern themselves at a local level with particular emphasis on the day-to-day services required to sustain the local community: roads, footpaths, sewage, water, parks, sporting facilities, beaches, cemeteries; the list is long.

To do this effectively there must be a balance between the size of the jurisdiction, financial capability, access to resources, management capability, communication with stakeholders; again, the list is long.

In principle though ‘small is beautiful’.

This principle has been discarded with the amalgamation of Gosford and Wyong and the ratepayers are suffering.

De-merging is an attractive option; one the ratepayers must be demanding if they are to regain control of their destiny.

The State Government’s merging strategy may have been well intentioned but typical of so many political decisions these days, it was poorly researched and even more poorly implemented.

The Minister and her chief bureaucrats should be unemployed as a consequence but instead they continue to enjoy the high life at our expense.

What makes matters worse is the recently deposed Minister showed as much interest in solving the problem as a penguin does in nesting in Alice Springs.

As for the new Minister, we’ll I wouldn’t hold my breath there either.

But the incompetence within local government doesn’t start or end with the Central Coast Council; it is I believe a state problem: currently there is inadequate governance defined and policed by the State Government that has or should have ultimate responsibility.

Had this been exercised with the Central Coast Council we likely wouldn’t have the current debacle.

What we locals need is to exercise people power; to make abundantly clear to current and potential members of the State Parliament that de-merging the two councils is not an option; we demand it happen; we demand proper governance of local authorities and we demand control of our destiny.

When it comes to deciding Liberal or Labor, the one who commits to giving us these things will get our vote.

So, both sides need to get in the ear of their respective leaders, Mr Perrottet and Mr Minns, and make sure they understand the consequences of not acting on our demands.

We just might be represented by a swag of independents.

Email, Dec 30
John George, Terrigal

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  1. I agree 100% with John George.

    If this de-merging does not take place asap we rate payers will incur horrendous bills from this very questionable Central Coast Council.

    Who among us will start the process of liaising with the relevant politicians?

  2. It looks like the rate hike will go ahead without residents or ratepayers agreement whether we like it or not! I’m sure everyone who did the Council survey would not have wanted it! It seems the Administrator and CEO have a spiteful streak because we will be paying this increase for the next 10 years! This is starting at a time when the cost of living is heading upwards faster than pensions or people on a fixed income even those working families paypackets! It is totally reprehensible and dispicable to foist this rate increase without any support except the CEOs! The Administrator and CEO are being paid a shipload of money and the only thing they can think of is squeezing more money from the people that had nothing to do with the financial situation the Council is in. It doesn’t help that the dynamic duo lose money on every Council asset they sell and fob us off with limp excuses saying its unfortunate or making $120 million profit in 21 days is acceptable? Rabbiting on about gross profit and nett profit we know the difference and its the Central Coast ratepayers that will bare that difference.

  3. There needs to be a corporate business analysis carried out get to the cause not the problem

  4. Nicole Looby | February 8, 2022 at 9:52 am |

    I also support a demerger of Gosford and Wyong Councils. I never supported the merger in the first place. It is impossible for we who live on the Central Coast to get the needed attention, the boundaries are far too long and wide to be correctly managed or for we the people to be heard. There will be no change with Liberal in control. It’s time for a change of government so we who live have a say

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