Breaking news: Council’s former CEO takes defamation action against Interim Administrator

Gary Murphy CEOGary Murphy, CEO Central Coast Council in interview with CCN about the council's budget position, August 3, 2020.

Former CEO of Central Coast Council Gary Murphy goes to court next month in a defamation case against former Interim Administrator Dick Persson.

Murphy’s contract was paid out by Persson in November 2020 – weeks after Persson was installed as the Interim Administrator when the Councillors were suspended late October 2020.

Murphy took the job as CEO in July 2018 and announced in early October 2020 that Council had been using restricted funds without the permission of the elected Councillors of the Local Government Minister.

He took leave while the Councillors argued over his offer to resign before they were suspended.

Former Central Coast Council Administrator, Dick Persson

Murphy said at the time that he was keen to return to work with Mr Persson to turn the Council around but Persson paid out his contract.

Persson outlined his reasons for paying out the contract in media releases, on social media and in Council meetings and public documents.

The matter goes to court for directions in early February.

This matter is now under the directions of the courts.

Merilyn Vale

NB: CCN has turned off public comments to this article so as not to risk prejudicing the court case.