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This is CCN’s weekly news 5@5, October 22:

GAS and OIL drilling off the Coast comes a step closer this week as a bill in Federal Parliament designed to override the absent resources Minister was defeated when local MP Lucy Wicks and her Coastal Liberal colleagues failed to support the bill.

Manly based MP Zali Steggall talked to CCN just prior to introducing the bill to Parliament and Lucy Wicks spoke with us today about her vote to crush the bill in the lower house. 

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3 Comments on "The Weekly News 5@5"

  1. Janice Rattray | October 25, 2021 at 6:02 am |

    Can’t wait to rid CC of Lucy at the next election. The person does not represent the wishes of our community

  2. The Liberal Party are totally adrift from the wishes of the electorate they are hell bent on destroying the natural beauty of the Central Coast in pursuit of the mighty dollar! The unrealistic mantra of jobs for locals. The reality is it will employ 2 or 3 locals the majority will be FIFO contractors. The residents of the Central Coast will be picking up the tab for the pollution it will create.
    After the last 20 years of denial of climate change the LNP have finally reluctantly agreed to recognise the planet is in crisis. The National dysfunctional party only agreed to 2050 emissions after squeezing the liberals for another seat at the trough and no mention of the billions they will wring out of the economy to prop up their outdated ideas. The farmers have long ago realised to trade with the rest of the world they need to be proactive and adopt green technology. This testing and construction of drilling rigs along the coast in pursuit of gas fields is a carbon producing venture. One east coast Low and it will all end up on the beaches.

  3. The invisible member for Robertson making headlines for all the wrong reasons.Apart from this decision to tow the party line she has not delivered on many promised funding packages from 3 years ago eg the Umina recreation and sporting hub upgrade which has been ignored for 3 years ! Vote her out

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