One death and 85 local cases over the last week

October 25, 2021: There were 85 recorded local cases of COVID-19 over the last 7 days to 8 pm Sunday, an average daily rate of just over 12 cases per day. Representing a stabilisation of case numbers compared to one month ago, when daily case numbers were over 30.

CCLHD can confirm the death of a man in his 40s who had COVID-19. The man, who had underlying medical conditions, died at Gosford Hospital. He was not vaccinated.

Local tally = 1227

October 25, 2021

There have now been 1,227 local cases of COVID-19 in the Central Coast Local Health District since the start of the current outbreak in June.

Verified information source: Media releases Central Coast Local Health District October 19-25 2021

3 Comments on "One death and 85 local cases over the last week"

  1. I’m constantly flabbergasted when I hear people say “It’s my body, I should be the one who decides what goes in it”. Having the covid-19 vaccines are actually saving your body from getting really sick or worse dying. There are alot people you can save by being considerate. Viruses don’t discriminate, they just attact anyone. You on the other hand are discriminating against people who don’t want to catch the virus & yes sometimes die. My heart goes out to the man’s family who have just lost him.

  2. Well said, Christine. I completely agree with you. We have a duty not only to protect ourselves, but others in our community who are very vulnerable. We can do this so easily by just having two injections. My heart also goes out to the wonderful people in our health system, who over the last 18 or so months have given their all to look after those who have contracted Covid. We owe it to them to do the right thing.

  3. I disagree, Christine. A lot of people are worrying about the mRNA vaccines in particular and I think it is reasonable for them to do so. We don’t know what effect they may have on humans over time. COVID-19 can be a terrible illness to have but there is some suspicion that “long COVID” might actually be related to the vaccines and not the virus itself. I will also say that preventable heart disease and diabetes are two of the highest killers and disablers of Australians that could be “cured” without vaccines yet no-one seems to care enough to make it daily news and get everyone’s attention. I’m not “anti-vaxxer” but I recognise that solving preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes the right way is not going to be a highly profitable enterprise, maybe even the opposite.

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