Nature corridor price $5M below value

Bushells Ridge is part of the Northern Growth CorridorBushells Ridge is part of the Northern Growth Corridor

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Despite assurances to the contrary, yet again we have been lied to by our Council.

This time it has been about how the Tranche 3 sales of Council assets would include no environmental land and that none of these assets would be sold at knocked down prices.

This is contradicted by information that four lots on Thompson’s Vale Rd Doyalson, including areas of E2 Environmental Land, have been placed on the market and offers are being taken by agents which are $5M below the price Council paid for them initially.

What is it about NSW Government appointees and their treatment of Coast residents?

Do they think we are all incapable of remembering what they told us just a few months ago?

The sooner we are rid of this totalitarian form of “it’s my way or the highway” governance and get our democratically elected representatives back on our two separate Councils the better.

Email, Sep 21
Douglas Williamson, Wamberal

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