Ritual beer drinkers flout health orders

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I find it increasingly difficult to maintain a positive energy when my “legal” exercise walk clashes with the ‘Beer Garden’ in Woy Woy Memorial Park/old Baths area.

There are up to 20 locals daily flaunting pandemic rules and totally ignoring the Health Advice and Public Health Orders (not weather-dependant).

There were no masks, no social distancing, and they were consuming beers in the ‘alcohol-free zone’ disbursed from a giant esky in a supermarket trolley.


Local authorities are fully aware of this ongoing ritual.

I’ve been forced to choose alternate walking tracks.

Speaking of double standards – I would hope the gang are all double-vaccinated.

Email, Aug 30
Dorothy Waldron, Daleys Point

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  1. Mask wearing? Not at Bateau Bays Cafe Mocha. Every morning unmasked persons congregating and waiting for coffee. C,Mon guys ,do the right thing

  2. Just be very happy Dorothy that you are not one of those useless beer guzzling souls. Find a nicer walking track…stay safe

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