Boating and watersport rules clarified

NSW Police have clarified a series of rules for maritime activity under the current stay at home orders for any keen boaties who may be out on the Brisbane Water,

Individuals can currently undertake passive craft water sports as exercise, such as sailing, jet-skiing, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing and powerboats are also allowed to be used as recreation.

Boating must be limited within the Central Coast LGA and to two people (or more if all from the same household).

Coastal waters are also included so individuals can travel up to three nautical miles off the coast, adjacent to the LGA.

Rules regarding the maintenance and servicing of the vessel have also been clarified with the completion of urgent repairs allowed at a marina or mooring.

Taking a vessel directly to a marina or boat shed for urgent repairs or moving a vessel between marinas for relocation purposes if a commercial agreement has ended is also permitted, along with the delivery of a vessel after purchase.

For those wishing to obtain their boat licence during lockdown, NSW Police said applicants and trainees can only gather in groups of two, if not from the same household, and obtain their training virtually.

Training of more than two people outside their own LGA is likely to be impractical and is not recommended, according to NSW Police.

Physical distancing requirements and mask-wearing rules apply at all times including at the boat ramp and whilst on the vessel.

Social media, Aug 30
NSW Police Force