Preparing for a COVID-safe summer

Avoca Beach earlier last summer

A reminder for residents to maintain COVID safety outdoors has been issued by Central Coast Council as restrictions ease slightly with outdoor gatherings of up to five doubly-vaccinated people  from two separate households now allowed within the LGA.

Public play spaces, outdoor fitness equipment and skate parks are open in line with the latest direction from the NSW Government but residents are reminded to wash their hands before and after using any equipment.

Public reserves, shared pathways, boat ramps, public wharves and jetties, sports fields and other outdoor public spaces remain open.

The Central Coast beach patrol season kicked off from Saturday, September 18, with Council and Surf Life Saving Clubs commencing beach patrols.

Surf Life Saving Central Coast will patrol 15 Central Coast beaches over the weekends and public holidays, while Council lifeguards will patrol on weekdays.

Operational hours are 9am-5pm with flags up unless the beach is closed through dangerous surf conditions.

COVID-safe summer plans are in place to manage beach crowds and processes are in place for potential beach closures.

Council has been working closely with NSW Health, Central Coast Health, the Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) and other councils to ensure a consistent and compliant approach to this year’s patrol season in line with Public Health Orders.

Collaborative work will continue throughout the season to address any changes that may arise as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Council is encouraging beachgoers to exercise at quieter beaches or look to alternative open spaces areas, parks and reserves for exercise during peak periods.

Council will work with local police to monitor behaviour and penalties for not following restrictions are enforceable by police.

If beaches are crowded, Council suggests residents consider alternatives such as: going for a walk or run in a local park; riding a bike along a cycleway; taking your dog for a walk around your neighbourhood; kicking a ball at a sportsground; or hiking on a nature trail or visiting a scenic spot.

Terry Collins

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  1. People living on the central coast have only two hospitals with limited ICU beds when this area is free of lockdowns and opens up there will be concerns for hospitals to cope with increased cases people whom are vaccinated can still become very ill it does NOT stop the vaccinated from transmitting this virus 34cases per day is very worrying

  2. Why has the hotspots been stopped in notifying community on the Central Coast website
    How are you to stop going to the areas / venues / shops where the infections have been noted if you do not know what areas where infections have been .
    Also where is Barilaro with updates on regional areas?

  3. The concern and scenario Tracey raises rings alarm bells… especially as the science now shows this pandemic is primarily spread through the air. Masks worn outdoors as well as indoors, in public settings seems an appropriate measure against the risky 1000 times more infectious, transmissible Delta variant – our health workers on the front line deserve our careful consideration in the public spaces too, whether we’re vaccinated or not.

  4. is a good website to find out how many cases in your area who have covid-19.

  5. Yes. Why have the hotspots been stopped in informing the community in the Central Coast? This will surely increase the number of infections. People’s lives are are at risk. Barilaro needs a slap on his wrists!

  6. Thanks chris for the link – haven’t seen that one before – very handy.

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