Central Coast bumped in vaccine re-prioritisation

Yasmin Catley Deputy State Opposition Leader.

Central Coast residents have expressed their frustrations that the region’s Pfizer supply has been redirected to vaccinate Year 12 students in Sydney.

Central Coast Newspapers CCN received several calls and messages from local residents over the weekend that have had their vaccination appointments cancelled via text message. 

Hunter and Central Central Coast residents have been bombarded with COVID vaccine cancellation text messages.

Like local mother and business woman Leah Fotofili – who had her appointment cancelled via text yesterday– saying that the jabs from the Central Coast to were being redirected to vaccinate Sydney’s HSC Students.

Jasmin Catley MP for Swansea and deputy State Labor leader was flabbergasted by the situation and called on the Premier and Health Minister to explain why the Central Coast was mixed up in this decision. ‘This was clearly a big mistake..”

“it is the only major region in NSW that does not have a mass vaccination hub” added Catley

Meanwhile the Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch has defended his government and says it’s a federal issue.

“I’m frustrated that the Federal Government has not secured enough Pfizer for NSW.

As the Health Minister has said, we would not be in this Hunger Games situation if the Federal Government had given us enough doses.”

The region’s Labor MPs are also calling for a max vaccination hub.

more to come..

Skaie Hull

9 Comments on "Central Coast bumped in vaccine re-prioritisation"

  1. George Worrall | August 3, 2021 at 8:51 am |

    This is not a federal issue. It is purely a decision by the state government. What about the locked down students on the Central Coast? Why are they less deserving? Gladys seems to have her facts mixed up when she described the Central Coast as a regional area. We have been declared as part of Greater Sydney, despite having few active cases in the community. One rule when handing out benefits-ie $90m + to Hornsby, top of the agenda for removing benefits such as vaccines. She will teach us for not being a solid liberal area.

  2. It’s a bit rich that the Coast is considered part of Sydney only when it suits the state government, other times we are a regional backwater. Where are our local politicians? Or are they made of the same stuff as the Central Coast councillors?

  3. This is another instance of the State government overriding the Central Coast. Gladys said it was only a few vaccines l suppose 40,000 is a few but for the people with appointments to receive that jab it means rebooking both shots. The mantra is get vaccinated but they are making it very hard. She said she was offended by a journalists question was it because it was a Labor area she did not answer the question so we can assume it is. Its about time we woke up to the corruption in this Liberal party rorting millions and passing it off as pork barrelling. The premier passed the redistribution at the door of Health NSW the State government run Health NSW.

  4. So I’m guessing if Central Coast are getting their pfizer vaccines taken away, that would mean ALL other parts of Greater Sydney, that’s not in the hot zones, will be giving up their pfizer vaccines too. Or does this mean The Central Coast can now come out of lockdown. Are they in The Greater Sydney or not!

  5. Kate lawrence-haynes | August 3, 2021 at 7:38 pm |

    Once the central coast has no cases then it should be unlocked with only essential workers in and out with daily testing with the rapid tests. The central coast has been treated unfairly and if it is in lockdown then pfizer jabs should not be taken away from people there. And get the AZ rollout working better. I have had both my AZ jabs and I am in my 50s.

  6. Have just seen stats on vaccine given around greater Sydney. However central coast stats are not included. We are only classed as greater sydney when it is cause to lock us down for weeks on end. We can not be that much of covid concern when our vaccines are taken from us in this part of “greater sydney” and given to other greater sydney suburbs. Past Hawkesbury bridge is regional not greater sydney as detailed in stats??

  7. Toni Aldous | August 4, 2021 at 12:10 pm |

    I truly believe people must do their research before ANY drug is put into their perfectly made God given bodies!

  8. Hassib eljerban | August 13, 2021 at 3:43 pm |

    Nsw liberals blame federal liberals & visa versa about the shortages of vaccine.shame on the liberals shame.

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