Community invited to have one last say on healthy lakes

Looking from the north over Tuggerah Lakes with Lake Munmorah in the foreground

With only two weeks left until the Tuggerah Lakes Expert Panel starts preparing its reports, the community is invited to have one last say in an online discussion about what a healthy lakes system means to them.

Community consultation will close at the end of September, and in the past three months, the Panel has heard from more than 1,800 people across the catchment area who have shared more than 2,000 comments, reactions, survey responses, written and oral submissions about water quality, and future management of the lakes system.

Panel Chair, Will Glamore, said understanding what the community expected the lakes to look, smell and sound like when “fixed” could help the Panel understand what successful management looked like.

“So far, we have asked the community about key issues and concerns regarding Tuggerah Lakes and what ideas they have for improvements,” he said.

“The community has also told us about the places and aspects that they value, and we appreciate all of their potential solutions, ‘fixes’ and actions.

“Now we want to understand how the community will perceive that water quality has improved and we are encouraging people to think beyond specific ideas or actions, such as a breakwall or gross pollutant traps.

“Instead, we would like to know more about the things you would expect to see with improved water quality in the lakes system.

“Are the beaches clean? Are you fishing? Can you see the lake bottom? What does success look and feel like to you?,” Glamore said.

The information collected from the community will be used by the Panel to make recommendations by the end of 2020, that will be considered as part of implementing the NSW coastal management framework. Information can be found at the NSW Dept of Planning website – or by calling 02 49729070 or emailing –

Sue Murray