Bouquet for council workers

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I just had council out to fix a drainage problem that I had, and what a nice bunch of fellas they are.

They took every care with the plants and trees that I have, were open to listening to what I had to say, gave me their professional advice and experience, and fixed it.

They did a great job and cleaned up as neat as could be, so thank you Central Coast Council.

I’d put council roughly into that category of helpers, along with teachers and nurses.

People with a sense of obligation to the community.

I’ve found that with all of the council people that I’ve met over the years.

They’re people minded, respectful.

I’m not talking about the few shonky councillors who are the developer’s pawns, I’m talking about the men and women who work for our community on the Central Coast.

Email, Sep 11
Terry Carlan, Summerland Point

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