Waste recycling facility is too close to everything

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What on earth are they thinking?

A waste recycling facility to crush 99,000 tonnes of concrete, bricks, tiles etc, per year, operating six days per week, just up the road from an expanding residential area in Warnervale, near schools, and butts up against Porters Creek Wetland?

So, the company will monitor dust and deploy sprinklers to create mud slurry, but where is it to go?

Porters Creek Wetlands is right there.

Northerly winds will carry any dust to Watanobbi, and westerlies into Warnervale and Woongarrah.

Surely there are more suitable, more remote and less environmentally devastating locations like Buttonderry, for example.

Who dreams up these ideas?

And 15 jobs on a 40ha site is hardly a game-changer in the Employment Zone.

Email, Sep 9
Geoff Robertson, The Entrance

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