122 place Child Care Centre proposed for The Entrance

Vacant land at 174-176 The Entrance Ro, The Entrance, is earmarked for a Child Care Centre with the proposal currently open for public comment.

The land is beside the Sapphire Palms Motel on one side and a block of flats on the other.

The purpose built child care facility would operate with a maximum capacity of 122 places and be built at a cost of $3.2M.

It would have 32 places for age groups 0-2 years; 40 places for 2-3 years; and 50 places for 3-6 year olds.

It would require eight teachers for the 0-2 years age group; eight teachers for the 2-3 year olds and five teachers for the oldest age group, 3-6 year olds.

The childcare centre proposes to operate 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

The proposal includes a total of 29 parking spaces within the lower ground floor area, with a turning bay in the basement.

This is a shortfall of two car parking spaces required by the normal standards.

The applicant said the shortfall was considered to be negligible and could be accommodated by available on street parking spaces on The Entrance Rd.

“The proposal seeks to utilise the land in accordance with the zoning and take advantage of its proximity to public transport, essential services, schools, and recreational opportunities,” the Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) submitted to Central Coast Council stated.

The SEE was written by Think Planners Pty Ltd for applicant Laurie Liskowski Architects.

“The purpose built child care facility has been designed as a large modern 2 storey building, set within a landscape setting to be consistent with the existing character within the immediate locality,” the SEE states.

“The outdoor play area is to be located behind the proposed building with landscape embellishment works to be located along the site’s side and rear boundaries to minimise privacy impacts from neighbouring properties.”

It would include appropriate barriers along the external play areas to minimise acoustic impacts to neighbouring properties.

The site has a frontage of 36.58m to The Entrance Rd and a total site area of about 1,925.8m2.

Vehicular access is provided via double width vehicle cross overs and driveways via The Entrance Rd.

The building would take up 45 per cent of the site and the usual standard is 35 per cent.

The applicant said it was important to note that the control applied equally to low density and higher density zones, and in a low density context, compliance should be expected.

“However in a medium density context, a greater site coverage could be expected given the higher FSR, height, and reduced setbacks, noting that the proposal complies with the setback provisions,” the SEE stated.

It said there was no unreasonable impact on privacy or solar access arising from the development, and the site was sufficient in area to accommodate play spaces and parking areas.

The proposal is on public exhibition for comment until October 12.

DA Tracker DA877/2020
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