Two special cycling events for bike week

Two Bike Week events supported by CC Health District

With NSW Bike Week just around the corner, Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) is encouraging locals to try cycling for health and happiness by holding two biking events over the coming weeks.

NSW Bike Week will run from September 21-29 and aims to raise the profile of cycling as a healthier, happier, easier, cheaper and greener way to get around for short trips.

“NSW Bike Week provides an opportunity for the Central Coast community to participate in organised bicycle events in a safe and supported environment”, said CCLHD Health Promotion Officer, Nigel Tebb.

“The physical and mental health benefits to be gained from riding a bike, even for short trips where possible to work or the shops, are overwhelmingly positive”.

“Riding for just a few minutes here and there, a few times a week, can be all it takes to maintain and improve your health, and if that’s not enough of a reason to ride, the convenience you’ll experience, the money you’ll save and the wonderful people you’ll meet will really make you smile”, he said.

The first of the CCLHDs two Bike Week events will take place on September 22. The CCLHD has coordinated a Bike and Brunch event at The Entrance in partnership with the Central Coast Bicycle User Group. It gets underway from 7am at Picnic Point Reserve.

The second event is a Bike2Gosford Breakfast. It takes place from 6am on September 25. Participants must register for both events through the CCLHD. [External link provided as a community service here]

Source: Media release, Sep 13 Lauren Rollason, Central Coast Local Health District