Questions asked about sandstone blocks

Sandstone blocks similar to those used across the Council area. Image: Gosford Quarries

Councillor Lisa Matthews has asked council staff to provide information about sandstone blocks placed by the council around Rogers Park at Woy Woy and around Pretty Beach and Hardys Bay.

“What was the cost and where did the funds come from?” she asked in a question on notice in the council meeting agenda. Cr Matthews also asked who supplied the blocks to Central Coast Council. “A resident asked me why we were putting sandstone blocks everywhere,” she said. “I have been informed that they may cost up to $500 per block. “If that is the case, why have we used sandstone blocks and not a fence,” she said.

“They supposedly stop vehicles from accessing the space but my question is will this be our new style of fencing because if so I don’t think that is a nice fence.” Cr Matthews said it would be preferable to be able to ask her question directly to the line manager who ordered the work to be done. “As a councillor, I am only allowed to speak with a member of the executive leadership team and a couple of other managers,” she said. “My frustration at the moment is that it is taking so long to get answers to very simple questions. “Why can’t I speak directly to the manager of open space and recreation about this? “Why is it for easy answers that we have to go through a very long process?” she said.

SOURCE: Central Coast Council agenda Q11/18, 12 Feb 2018 Interview, 21 Feb 2018 Lisa Matthews, Central Coast Council Reporter: Jackie Pearson