Precinct system is potential model for Central Coast

I have written to Central Coast Council concerning North Sydney Council and the precinct system of governance and participation that currently exists.

Whilst my home has been at Umina since early 2013, my retirement has been postponed due to international charitable responsibilities operating from offices in North Sydney since 2006. I semi-regularly read the Peninsula News and have been concerned by the number of complaints claiming poor representation of the Ettalong region. Hence I have asked Council to please advise whether, with the enlarged boundaries of the newly amalgamated Central Coast Council, there is a precinct or progress association network in fully functioning existence?

If not, I bring the North Sydney Resident governance participation system to your attention as a potential model for the Central Coast re more home-occupiers and less flat/strata rentals but perhaps more small business ratepayers? My participation at North Sydney dates from about 2008 but has become more regular since I was elected co-convenor of the Hayberry Precinct (there are 26 precincts in North Sydney Council) in late 2016-early 2017. We are now reviewing our precinct system by June 2018 and I thought the discussion might be of interest to Peninsula News, Central Coast Council’s mayor, deputy mayor and NSW Members of the Legislative Assembly. Email, 12 Feb 2018 Michael Jones, Umina