Council approves its own 43 lot subdivision

Central Coast Council has approved a Development Application (DA) for a 43 lot subdivision in Warnervale, originally submitted by Wyong Council.
The land in question is situated at Warnervale Federation Park, 30 Jack Grant Ave, Warnervale, and the DA proposes to create 40 residential lots, one public reserve lot, one detention basin and one residue lot.
The lots in question are currently vacant land.
Whilst no Statement of Environmental Effects was available, several control and compliance conditions were outlined in Council’s Development Consent document.
Conditions stipulated related to bush fire requirements, ecology and tree requirements, contaminated land requirements, roadwork design, stockpiling and stormwater drainage requirements and water and sewer services.
The majority of these conditions were also further built upon in the staging of the development.
All of these conditions required planning or designs to be approved by Council or the relevant consent authority prior to the release of a Construction Certificate (CC).
Ecology and tree requirements, erosion and sediments controls, filing and hauling requirements, protection of adjoining properties, roads preconstruction requirements and landscaping design requirements, also needed to be met prior to the commencement of works (following the issuing of a CC).
Conditions were also outlined as construction requirements during the construction works for the following consent conditions: ecology and tree works, services and utilities and site requirements.
Prior to the release of a Subdivision Certificate, conditions that need to be met include: the payment of the developer contribution to Council (calculated in the Development Consent as $1,224,196.73 times the current Consumer Price Index), dilapidation rectification requirements, ecology requirements, landscaping requirements, lighting spill requirements, subdivision compliance requirements, stormwater compliance requirements, and water and sewer services/infrastructure compliance requirements.
Ongoing conditions, conditions that must be satisfied during the use/occupation of the development include: bush fire compliance requirements; ecology and tree requirements; landscaping requirements; and, ongoing stormwater maintenance requirements.

Document, Jun 5
DA/221/2014, Central Coast Council Wyong E-Planning Portal