Approved development application cancelled

An approved Development Application (DA) proposing a 56 lot subdivision for Hamlyn Terrace has been cancelled.
The DA proposed 53 residential lots, one drainage reserve lot, two shared pathway lots, and a small lot for housing and ancillary works to be developed over three stages.
The land in question is situated on 1-15 Hamlyn Rd, Hamlyn Tce, and the lots are an infill, vacant lot, adjoining Hamlyn Rd to the north, with existing housing to the east and west, and undeveloped land to the south.
A drainage channel extending east-west intersects the site containing existing riparian vegetation.
The drainage channel severs the site into two separate parts with access to the northern part via Hamlyn Rd and to the southern part via Fernhill Ave, Lakewood Dve and a recently approved road to the east.
Otherwise the lot is generally cleared of any significant vegetation.
The site is identified as part bushfire prone land and is part flood affected.
According to Council’s Development Assessment Report, the development, with some modifications to the residential subdivision and relevant associated construction and requirements, is considered reasonable and acceptable and subsequently the DA was recommended for approval.

Document, Jun 5
DA1077/2015, Central Coast Council Wyong E-Planning Portal

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