Kibbleplex should be retained

Your leader, ‘Kibbleplex level two is likely to become a car park (15 July, 2015)’, confirms that this community asset was acquired by Council in 2011 for such use and also that 400 commuter car parks must be available until February 22, 2016 to enable control of this asset to be transferred to Council.

Also, that Council’s strategy and policy workshop report indicates that Council’s return on investment is miniscule. This does not recognise that Councils may not always be expected to make a profit on the provision of community services.

It is imperative that this strategic property be retained and utilised as an extension of Kibble Park to help provide the necessary amenity for the expected exponential increase in CBD residents and workers, this being the first freehold addition to Kibble Park since the existing original purchase from James Kibble in 1947.

The present neglected condition of the prominent awning facing both Henry Parry Drive and Kibble Park is disappointing and is in complete contrast to the excellent makeover and improvements currently being undertaken by the Imperial Centre.

This highly visible Kibbleplex façade is in urgent need of repainting and sends the wrong message.

Email, 3 August 2015
Peter Turnbull, Point Clare