Fairview Cottage at risk if not heritage listed

Heritage is the now, the past and the future.

I want to request that you help to inform about the importance of all manner of heritage in our region and its serious demise. It is a fact that as heritage is destroyed and devalued, our lucky country and its people, become nonexistent as a nation.

Recent events make it essential that everyone, not only notices, but talks and acts, starting now. Currently there is a DA with Gosford Council regarding Fairview Cottage in Ten Mile Hollow in Mangrove Creek Valley.

For nearly 50 years, the local Mangrove community, recently joined by people from the Gosford region, have been fighting to save Fairview precinct and restore it, create a museum, etc.

Over 30 plus years, Council repeatedly informed us that Fairview was heritage listed. At one period, Mr Holstein (a junior member of Council at the time) told us that money had been allocated to put a new roof on Fairview, as did others. Years later, it came up for demolition.

There was no heritage listing, just $25,000 for the job. The Mountain struggled on. Again a listing is reported to be proposed and a DA progressing. On ABC TV on July 30 at 8:00pm, a story was broadcast centred on a house at Merton, Vic, presented by Adam Ford, called ‘Who Has Been Sleeping At My House’?

The house and its past, connections with Cobb and Co and so on, was amazingly similar to our Fairview, just the wooden lace work wasn’t present (may have been reviewed like Fairview’s was).

The place looked worse than Fairview at the start of filming. However, most of the restoration was complete and wonderful.

The final sentence of the film caused a tear as…. “sadly, since filming, this premises was lost by fire’. How important is Fairview now? We need to take notice and do our part for our region’s heritage now, starting with Fairview.

In other nations, heritage buildings are treasured and proudly displayed. Australia and the Central Coast region would do well to follow their lead.

Look, research, ask, record and do something. Be aware that the documents for Fairview’s heritage status and DA were briefl y on display for community comment. Most interested people were not aware.

Not sufficient time or importance was given to comment or for authorities to find out.

Maybe your readers could ask for more time to read the documents and comment. At least get our priorities right and misinformation quelled in the Gosford region.

Letter, 2 Aug 2015
Margaret Pontifex
Mangrove Mountain

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