Easter Bunny visits bearing egg-stra special surprises

The Easter Bunny visited the Australian Reptile Park bearing egg-stra special surprises. Photo: Australian Reptile Park

The adorable animals that call the Australian Reptile Park home had an egg-stra special surprise when the Easter Bunny visited recently and gifted all the animals’ unique treats for being such “hoppy animals”.

Among the animals to receive ‘egg-citing’ gifts were Wilbur and Scarlett the wombats, Hugo and Estrella the Galapagos tortoises, and the park’s resident echidnas and adorable koala joeys.

To start the Easter festivities early, Wilbur the wombat joey was given a warm bottle of milk, with an “after dinner” snack of crunchy carrots, while the park’s resident female wombat, Scarlett, was given a giant piece of corn cob to munch on.

The Easter Bunny then carved a giant rockmelon into the shape of an Easter egg just for Estrella, the female Galapagos tortoise, and made an extra stop to give her boyfriend, Hugo the tortoise, a bunch of crunchy carrots as well.

The park’s echidnas joined in on the Easter festivities as they went on their own Easter egg hunt.

Slowly but surely, they found their eggs, filled with special “echidna ‘smoothie” for them to enjoy.

Lastly, the Easter Bunny hopped over to visit the koalas, making a final stop before saying goodbye.

The adorable koala joeys were eager to see the Easter Bunny as they spotted a giant basket filled to the brim with fresh eucalyptus leaves.

The joeys took their time in snacking on the delicious treat the Easter Bunny had given them.

After a full day of hopping around and gifting all the adorable animals with special Easter treats, it was time for the Easter Bunny to bid farewell to the Australian Reptile Park.

Visitors who wish to meet and greet the Easter Bunny before Easter Sunday can experience the Park’s “Family Easter Festival” every weekend in March.

The Easter Bunny will be hopping around, handing out chocolate Easter eggs to children visiting the park, spreading joy, and making sure everyone is ready for Easter morning.

To add an extra dose of excitement to the festivities, the Australian Reptile Park is inviting visitors to find the Golden Egg each day over the Easter weekend.

Those lucky enough to discover the special egg will have the chance to win a $500 gift voucher to spend at the park.

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