Music forced upon us as we shop

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It’s great that Westfield shopping centre now has a “quiet time” every Tuesday from 10.30am-11.30am, although (it) looks to me (like) a token measure and hardly sufficient.

It’s how we all used to shop before the now constant stream of music.

It’s music some of us don’t want to listen to.

It is someone else’s taste, after all.

I rarely hear a song I like – maybe one in a hundred, if I’m lucky.

On top of all that everyone is talking, so it’s just a jumble of noise.

Don’t get me wrong, I like lots of different music and have a large collection from classical to Led Zeppelin, and I’m not on the “spectrum” either.

If anyone wants to listen while they’re shopping they can use their own devices with headphones or earbuds, which they do.

Just another sign that they don’t like what is forced upon them.

If shops would cease playing music, people would still shop there but as it is now, some of us won’t go there because of the music, so it serves no purpose whatsoever.

We live in such a noisy world as it is; and some music is just noise.

Anyone can have the music they want with any device, so why is it forced upon us?

Email, Feb 2
Kay Donaldson, Hamlyn Terrace

2 Comments on "Music forced upon us as we shop"

  1. “FINALLY” Someone else with a, Brain!
    Souless crap
    Not even music
    Not even real,
    My shopping is gaged upon this crap over the air ways.. I’m in and out
    Frustrated to the hilt
    Cant think with that kind controlling Souless crap
    BAN IT NOW!!!

  2. I agree with you Kay, Low piped instrumental music should be the ONLY music that we hear. If people want to hear LOUD music, go to a pub or concert & leave the rest of us to enjoy shopping in comfort. This is on mangement to do the courteous thing.

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