No fast food outlets for Kariong parklands

A map showing the proposed development site

An application for a six-lot subdivision within Mount Penang Parklands has been rejected by the Local Planning Panel.

The commercial development at 5 The Avenue, Kariong, and fronting Central Coast Hwy was to have included three fast food venues and a tyre outlet.

It was a new iteration of an application previously refused on the site.

It was referred to the Local Planning Panel after 88 submissions were received by Central Coast Council, 86 of them objecting to the proposal.

The Panel found that the proposed development and associated works did not respect the special natural characteristics of the site.

“The extent of proposed earthworks and roadworks (both within the site and on the Central Coast Hwy) would result in significant adverse impact on the existing trees, biodiversity, visual and scenic quality of the site and streetscape,” the determination said.

The Panel also found the proposal did not meet the requirements of the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

“The proposed development would result in significant cut and fill which may impact existing heritage values and vegetation to be retained and could have negative visual impact from the Central Coast Hwy,” it said.

“Inadequate information has been provided in relation to existing and proposed ground levels associated with site regrading works and retaining works.”

The Panel said insufficient information had also been provided to address the impact of the proposed site regrading and retaining works and services on the heritage listed scribbly gums located within the site.

“The proposed development does not comply with the provisions of Chapter 5.3 of Gosford DCP 2013 – Kariong Mount Penang Parklands regarding landform, conservation and landscape setting, access, street hierarchy and the Precinct 2 design principles,” it said.

There were also concerns around lack of detail on traffic impacts and safety concerns within the precinct.

3 Comments on "No fast food outlets for Kariong parklands"

  1. Common sense prevails – the last thing the Coast needed are more fast food outlets. What an eye sore that would have been coming off the freeway welcoming all the tourists.

    In my opinion a small village of retailers, restaurants, gym and even a family friendly pub would be great for the Kariong community.

  2. In my opinion, this site should be opened up and have more walkways and recreational areas for people to enjoy, leave the flora and fauna alone 😔

    • Lauren, it’s a carpark – there is nothing to save except for a few tress which can easily be incorporated into planning designs. There is nothing there that would create a wonderful walkway experience, unless you like the sound of traffic. There are already plenty of recreational spaces in that area.

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