Not one shovel has hit the dirt

Traffic congestion through WyongTraffic congestion through Wyong

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As the Central Coast comes back to life after COVID lockdown, we are again reminded of the incompetence and the broken promises of this inept NSW Government.

At 9:45am on the morning of Thursday, November 25, (well past peak hour) I passed through the Watanobbi roundabout, heading to Wyong.

I soon ran into the all too familiar traffic crawl on the Pacific Highway.

By the time I reached Anzac Ave, through my rear-view mirror, I could see the tailback disappearing back to the said roundabout.

We were promised that construction on the widening of the Pacific Highway through Wyong would commence, as soon as the M1 Pacific Motorway upgrade to Doyalson was completed.

That was finished over a year ago!

So far not one shovel has hit the dirt on the Pacific Highway upgrade, apart from the most minor kerb works at the intersection with North Rd.

Yet in The Chronicle of November 24, page five, motorists are warned of impending traffic disruptions along the Central Coast Highway, between Bateau Bay and Wamberal, as preparations are made for the $387M upgrade of this section of road in Adam Crouch’s electorate.

Where is the fairness in this?

Where is the truth in this Government?

How long do residents in Labor held electorates have to wait for real action on this tiresomely long overdue project to widen The Pacific Highway through Wyong?

Email, Nov 25
Neil Bevege, Kanwal

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  1. David Miller | December 27, 2021 at 3:07 pm |

    There is no fairness in Government, especially Leiberal ones. Lets face it the Central Coast Highway maybe an easier fix – the Pacific Highway through Wyong is a dogs breakfast. You have a railway to the east and consolidated retail and housing to the west. The only way to make an adequate road their would be to put in an overpass. Even so the traffic congestion would be horrendous. Good Luck.

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