Umina club wants to restore whale sculpture

The Rotary Club of Umina Beach is back … and with plenty to discuss!

The club returned to the Everglades Country Club on October 20 for their first face-to-face meeting since June.

President, Bruce Croft, discussed an idea to rejuvenate the Whale Tails sculpture at the Umina Precinct.

Croft said Central Coast Council has expressed an interest and has the budget to complete the works.

“Pat Lewis distributed a well written paper on the history of the Tails and the previous involvement of our club in their construction plus other work completed around the Precinct,” he said.

“A site meeting is being arranged with Council to progress the rejuvenation.”

Croft also welcomed a new member to the Club, Dave Tanare, a frequent visitor from the East Gosford Rotary Club.

He will be officially signed up on January 1.

Bulletin, Oct 27
Rotary Club of Umina Beach