Strike action against ‘no jab no job’ policies

Protesting couple at the Reclaim The Line strike action at The Entrance

NATIONAL STRIKE: Some Central Coast authorised workers have participated in a authorised strike against the governments’ ‘no jab, no job’ policies.

The industry wide strike action held on Friday #Reclaimtheline was a silent demonstration held across the country – with teachers, emergency workers and tradies standing up for human rights.

CCN attended the rally and interviewed some of the representatives who were keen to point out that they were not ‘anti-vexers’ rather were promoting a citizen’s right to choose.

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Skaie Hull

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  1. “NO JAB NO JOB POLICIES” are good, keep all staff and customers as safe as possible from the horror of Covid 19/ delta.
    People are dying in Australia every day from this insidious virus. Terrible death, slow, gasping for breath.
    Anyone who becomes infected is at risk of suffering life-long damage to vital organs like lungs, heart, brain, liver, kidneys.
    It’s why millions of Australians have answered the “Call to Arms”, in the war on Covid…and are now having their children vaccinated.
    Businesses that don’t have a “All staff are vaccinated, only vaccinated customers allowed in” policy…no way I’ll be going there.

  2. The people who participated in this protest maybe well meaning are putting individual rights above that of the community. The earlier the government brings in vaccine passports and enables businesses to make being vaccinated a condition of employment and attendance in a places of education and public transport the better. Educating the public is not enough to ensure adherence to public health initiatives

  3. Their sign “Born Free Living Free” – well that’s alright for them (if they live) but what about those that they spread the virus to – and those that they end up killing fron it. Is that then ‘living’ free? I think not. Incredibly stupid & selfish people that can’t think past their own skins.

    • What if the unvaccinated give it to my children that can not be vaccinated because they are to young….what then???

      Are you going to heal my heart?

      Please wake up people. I also feel uncomfortable about getting a vaccination we do not know everything about BUT this is life in 2021, like many other diseases we vaccinate our children for as babies, this is going to be one that’s one the list going forward.

      I’m sure you have put worse in your system, smokes, drugs, drink????

      Happy Sat night 👌

  4. Quigley Strangman | October 2, 2021 at 8:28 am | Reply

    Why are there no.protests against compulsory voting which is oppressive to to people who are forced by their employment to move around. At least getting vaccinated helps.yourself, other people and our health workers.

  5. Get real people, this is the only way we an get free here on the Central would you feel if you were to infect your Mam or Nan and they died. That’s happened by nohopers that don’t want the Jab.we all have to be save end of story.Rietje

  6. Quentin Robbins | October 2, 2021 at 3:36 pm | Reply

    Must agree with the “No Jab means No Job” policy. I don’t intend putting myself and my partner at risk by the idiots who refused the Jab!!

  7. Debra Calloway | October 2, 2021 at 6:33 pm | Reply

    Anti-vaxxers should spend a day in a Covid testing site (emergency departments are stressed enough). They should listen to parents of babies and young children who have tested Covid positive. Let’s see then how important it is for them to ‘choose’.

  8. Those who choose not to vaccinate are actually playing Russian roulette with there own health. Unfortunately they will eventually be culled off. Those who have been vaccinated can still contract the virus but only in a mild way & won’t face the prospect of serious illness & possible death

  9. Saying that you are not anti vaxes and promoting a citizens right to choose is selfish but fine. Citizens Currently can choose not to be vaccinated so don’t know what your protesting about. All actions has consequences and if you choose not to be vaccinated then alot businesses choose not to hire you right? Thats fair and would be consistent with what you are saying! So no problem right? Unless for underlying health Conditions. What happened in the US is once the rules were applied most of the anti vaxes came to the party realized jobless, homelessness, and not being invited to any family functions was not worth there u throughout cause. The same will happen here.

  10. Anthony Turner | October 3, 2021 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    It takes five to ten years of testing to know if a vaccine works I’m not a antivaxa and the answer they didn’t have time to test said a professor in early march 2020

    • How do you get Covid to wait for 5 to 10 years while you feel comfortable about getting a vaccine which will save you pain and suffering

  11. If there are people who are willing to take the risk with their own health and lives then let them do it in total isolation. I do not believe that unvaccinated people should be allowed to put my health and life at risk. If people wish to remain unvaccinated, they are culpable for the spread of the deadly covid-19 with it’s (Delta) variants that could cause long lasting problems to me and all others, even to death. As we now know, even vaccinated people can and do contract the virus albeit with lesser effects for some. Unvaccinated people should be held responsible for the problems they will cause and the spread of the virus while in normal close proximity to others such shops, hair salons, theatres, sporting arenas and many other locations. So if one has not been vaccinated by a certain time or refuses to be, stay away from me and everyone else who is trying to control this pandemic disease.

  12. It is hilarious how are people think unvaccinated people are in danger to the public. Number 1, it is individual rights of choose to be vaccinated or not, anyone who chose risk themselves to be vaccinated, should allow people to choose not to be vaccinatated to eliminate their own risk. vaccinated people won’t responsibilt for anyone else’s death that caused by vaccine, right? if so, no one should blame anyone else’s decision. If an employer cannot provide compensation incentives to possible risk that caused by any vaccine, then they should not set up compulsaory for other people to be vaccinated; Number 2, if vaccine is working, why on earth are vaccinated people worry about unvaccinated people???. what are you afraid if you believe the vaccine is working??? has there any vaccinated people required to wear masks in the history??? Number 3, wrong perception, the virus is spreading among everyone regardless of your vaccine status. so, if without unvaccinated people, the vaccinated people will have circular virus spreading, in which is not only to be caused by unvaccinated people!!! Number 4, the scientists are still studying the mRNA vaccine. Whether the spike protein the coded to be generated by cells, will cause mutation when it meets the virus protein is a question yet to be answered. therefore, in theory, whether the vaccinated people are more in danger than unvaccinated people is a question that scientists have not provide any answer yet. THEREFORE, stop attacking any unvaccinated people. You make your decision to be vaccinated, and they make their decision to be not vaccinated! In terms of protest, any unviolent protests are legal. What is to bother you??? Would you keep silence once if, I mean if the scietists found that the vaccinated is more dangers than unvaccinated people, and that all employer suddently switch to say ” no job for jab”. Would you keep silence???? Therefore, again! wake up everyone, stop attcking innocent people. At the end, we are all the sheeps, so you, and I, and we except few people who made this happened.

  13. Every one of your points is based on a false hood.

  14. Oh Aiya, sadly your email just shows how naïve and ill-informed you are. People who are unvaccinated are indeed a threat. Even though the vaccine works very well, there are some in our community – namely the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, young children who are not yet eligible, those with disabilities and our beautiful First Nations people – who, even though they may be vaccinated, are still more likely to suffer greater effects should they contract Covid. It is our duty as citizens of this country to not only protect ourselves from Covid, but to protect the vulnerable in our community. This is called being a responsible and caring member of society. You ought to try it sometime.

  15. Aiya is right. If everyone would listen to reports on statistics ( Dr. John Cambell) would know that vacc has limited effect and besides of mostly preventing death from Covid last a limited time. Antiviral medicine is a better solution, because it kills virus and prevents spread. We all will eventually get the Covid 19 virus unless we eradicate it. BDW people infected in the past have developed better immune capacity than vacc people. Think about it before you criticise others for having different views.

  16. Anita, I can’t believe people still think this way. You really should swallow your pride and do some more research. You’ll be doing yourself and others a big favour.

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