Will Gosford Chambers sale leave a void on the southern end of the Coast?

Rod Dever

With Central Coast Council already putting plans in place to clear staff from the Gosford Chambers as sale of the building proceeds, the need for the Regional Library complex in Donnison St to be completed as soon as possible has intensified.

As businesspeople and residents raise concerns about the impact on the CBD of relocating Council staff to the Wyong Chambers or Erina depot, Council has reinforced that Gosford is a key town centre as part of the Central Coast Regional Plan.

“We are seeing a lot of positive development and growth in the area including the opening of the Central Coast Medical School and Research Institute,” a spokesperson said.

“We also continue to invest in the Kibble Park Place Plan and have key activation programs to help support local businesses such as our Vacant Spaces and Blank Canvas programs.

“We remain committed to building a strong Central Coast economy capable of generating jobs, providing greater housing choice, essential infrastructure, lively centres for shopping, entertainment and dining, and protecting the natural environment.”

Gosford Erina Business Chamber President, Rod Dever, said he had been in discussions with Council CEO David Farmer regarding the relocation of staff out of the CBD.

“The Council, as we know, had two buildings – one in Gosford and one in Wyong,” Dever said.

“The Gosford building was the older of the two and the financial investment required to maintain the building and upgrade was far greater than that of maintaining the Wyong premises.”

This had resulted in the Gosford building being included in the list of Council asset sales compiled to help Council out of its financial distress, he said.

“What should be noted is that the Wyong building is not big enough to host all Council staff,” Dever said.

“Our understanding, after discussions with the CEO, is that some staff are going to Wyong whilst others are actually going to the Erina depot where there is available office space and room for services to be relocated.

“Council has no intention of leaving a void on the southern end of the coast – this was initially our concern.

“When the new Regional Library and facilities are built in Gosford, Council will have a space in this building for services and office staff as well.

“The next challenge is to get that building built.”

Terry Collins

2 Comments on "Will Gosford Chambers sale leave a void on the southern end of the Coast?"

  1. With the sale of Gosford Council building the ratepayers of Gosford will have no focus in the south of the Central Coast Council it will force the disputed amalgamation of Wyong and Gosford without further public scrutiny. Its a disturbing management manoeuvre done behind closed doors with no scrutiny from anyone other than the CEO and administrator! The CFO they hired with great fanfare and good pay packet has been sidelined into a different roll so no oversight there.
    One consideration when the staff move to Wyong the 100 or so vehicles roaring up Kurrajong hill at peak travel times the bottle necks at both ends of the M1 motorway at both ends of the day will add to the frustrations of the working day accidents will occur. Besides that frustration there is the fuel required and the pollution caused by all those extra vehicles how will the Council offset the pollution in this proven Climate change world? One idea is a fleet of electric buses? The Council knows there is not enough car parks for all the staff to use the trains.
    How many millions has the CEO set aside for refurbishment of Wyong Council buildings and car parking and where is it coming from? Another Bank loan or Ratepayers footing the bill?
    Come on Mr Farmer on your wages you must have a few answers?

  2. Rate payers paid for the council building and we were charged an additional rate back in the 1990 for the Regional Library to be built. 30 years later Council’s mismanagement of our funds has gone on for decades, there should be money set aside for the library and not the need to sell the the Gosford Council building and displace employees.

    The impact on local businesses will be significant many will not survive Covid and the removal of hundreds of staff going to retail shops for lunch and groceries after work. Meetings and visitors at the Gosford chambers also gone.

    Councillors and past department heads should hang their heads in shame they did not protect the people they were charged to represent. The rate payers and employees have been impacted significantly by there actions. The financial loss by private businesses and expense in time and travel to get employees to Wyong and the loss of over 250 council jobs all as a result of council’s lack of action. Local family businesses placed under financial stress and Gosford CBD to become a likely ghost town impacting the value of commercial property.

    All this caused by Gosford & Central Coast Council who represent the people!

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