Robotic surgery aids rapid recovery

Dr Edward Latif conducted the surgery aided by the robotic system

A Bateau Bay man is the first patient to have undergone a procedure using a new robotic surgical system at Gosford Private Hospital.

The da Vinci Xi surgical system by Intuitive assisted urologist Dr Edward Latif in completing a prostatectomy procedure, which involves the complete surgical removal of the prostate.

The system helps surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery with an advanced set of wristed instruments and a 3D high-definition view of the surgical field.

Latif, who was trained in the usage of the technology in the UK, said it represents an exciting new way forward for surgery on the Central Coast.

“What we know with this robotic technology is that our patients experience far less pain associated with surgery, their recovery and outcomes are greater and more than 95 per cent of patients go home on day one following the surgery,” he said.

“I’m thrilled I can now complete a range of procedures at Gosford Private Hospital with this new robot technology, which offers greater precision, mobility and vision of the surgical site and anatomy.

“It also protects against surgeon fatigue and, for me, many of my surgeries moving forward will use this technology due to the positive outcomes it can provide for patients, whether it is for kidney cancer surgery, partial or complete removal of tumors, or reconstructive bladder and kidney surgeries.”

Chief Executive Officer of Gosford Private Hospital and Healthe Care Australia Regional Manager, Matt Kelly, said the completion of the first da Vinci Xi system assisted surgery heralded an incredibly exciting new milestone the hospital its specialists.

“The installation of this new system is a significant investment in the skills and abilities of our local surgeons,” Kelly said

“We currently have more than 10, highly-trained and skilled specialists who will be among the first to use this new robotic technology.

“We expect that list to grow as they complete their training and it is incredibly rewarding to know that we are supporting the growth and development of new skills in our talented, locally-based specialists.

“They’ll conduct surgical procedures in the specialties of urology, general surgery, colorectal, cardiothoracic, and gynaecology.”

With the specialist surgeon in control of the robot, the da Vinci Xi enables surgeons to operate through a few small incisions.

Patient Mark, 63, said he was pleased with the outcome.

“I am so grateful that Gosford Private Hospital has invested in this technology for patients so that members of our Central Coast Community can benefit from robotic-assisted surgery,” he said.

“It’s incredible to be the first patient at the hospital to undergo this new cutting-edge surgery and I’m even more thrilled that the fast recovery means I can go home less than 24 hours after surgery.

“No one ever wants to be in hospital or to experience surgery, but if you need to experience it, robotic-assisted surgery is definitely the way to go and I really do hope it helps many more people on the Coast.”

Buff Point resident Danny, 61, recently underwent a prostatectomy using the system under the care of Dr Latif at Lingard Private Hospital in Newcastle.

“The only downside to my surgery was that I had to travel to get it done and the uncomfortable journey home, so it’s fantastic to see that this robotic-assisted surgery will now be open to the Central Coast community locally,” he said.

“I thoroughly researched the procedure and honestly I couldn’t recommend it more as while there were side effects, they were minimal and my recovery was so quick.”

The da Vinci Xi system has been installed as part of the $32M Gosford Private Hospital re-development.

Media release, Aug 20
Gosford Private Hospital

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