Pensioner cancels health cover to pay rates

A 15% rate increase has been passed by council's Administrator.

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I am a ratepayer in the Woy Woy area and have just received the current Annual Rate Notice which discloses an increase of 40 per cent or $813.05 per annum.

I am an aged pensioner with a taxable income under $20,000 (including the pension) and have paid taxes all my life.

I have also had private health insurance all my adult life. I am now looking at cancelling my health insurance due to this massive increase.

I would like to see those responsible for the amalgamation debacle and the overspending of available funds be approached to pay this increase.

Email, July 29, Woy Woy Resident (name withheld)

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  1. This is atrocious- a 40% increase? Someone certainly needs to be held to account for the councils in the Central Coast.

  2. It’s not acceptable that us ratepayers are paying for the council’s mistakes Im a pensioner too. I can pay this year but next year I’ll not have any super to fall back on Cut back on other things that don’t benefit everyone

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