A pound in distress

Manager Dee Walters with one of the rescue dogs. Both are looking for a home.

Central Coast Animal Care Facility has just five weeks to relocate from Erina Pound – after Central Coast Council awarded the management contract to another local organisation. 

However, Erina Manager Dee Walters is concerned over the changes given the region’s high demand – after being informed the Erina facility would be relocated and merged with the Charmhaven Pound.

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Skaie Hull

4 Comments on "A pound in distress"

  1. Recently, I took a stray dog to Woy Woy vets to have the microchip read. The vet advised me that in the event the dog wasn’t claimed, I would have to take the dog to the Erina Pound, about 10 minutes away. This I would have done. But to the Charmhaven Pound? No way, as it is a 2 hour return journey from Woy Woy. Fortunately, the dog was claimed later that day.

    We need to split the current council back into Gosford and Wyong, so the council can make commonsense decisions.

  2. Rocking Robyn Gee | August 24, 2021 at 11:27 am |

    I agree with you bro. Seems like the council make the rules as they go. Don’t they know they should be singing
    Ho Ho Ho it’s singalong time at 2GO

  3. Is this another ‘cost cutting measure?’ Who are they going to flog off the land to? I don’t suppose the ratepayers will be told because ‘its commercial incompetence ‘ opps! If you were a ‘conspiracy theorist’ you think lots State government implementation to give them more room.

  4. Michaela Handley | August 25, 2021 at 8:04 am |

    There is no truth to the rumour that Erina pound is closing, can we get some real news please – Council have just made the two pounds operational under one operator. I welcome the decision to have one not for profit pound operator across the coast in two locations. Rate payers were funding the privately owned animal rescue facility at Erina pound – why is no one outraged about that?

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