Monday update

Gosford COVID testing clinic

Monday August 23, 2021: Central Coast Local Health District confirms an additional two local residents have tested positive to COVID-19.

There have been a total of 41 cases reported on the Central Coast in the current outbreak.

One case is linked to a previously notified case on the Central Coast and was in isolation for their entire infectious period.

The second case is linked to a worksite in Western Sydney and has visited some venues while potentially infectious. Investigation into these venues is ongoing and will be announced as details are confirmed.

2 Comments on "Monday update"

  1. Lynette Kenny | August 23, 2021 at 8:13 pm |

    Not telling us where the cases are on Central Coast Central Coast is a big area

  2. I think People should stay at home who have the virus not go out because now would be in lockdown until end of September it’s not fair for people who who want to go shopping who want to go to the movies want to go to the theatres who want to go dancing like Broadway late see Broadway shows and do go back to dancing like ballet and start jazz ballet but they can’t because Lockdown and it’s not fair I think the people who have protest should be arrested thrown in jail and leave them there until they understand what they’re doing that’s why we’ve got Covid more cases it’s their fault I want to do those things I want to see my family I want to go out I want to do anythingBut I can’t it’s not fair thank you Juliet

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