Make mums and children our priority

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We are experiencing a situation where many single parents, and especially single mums, particularly those on welfare, or with disabled children, are finding it impossible to get a rental place.

This is happening in a first world country due to greedy property owners and a system that somehow is pushing prices of rentals up so much that prices are out of reach of many disadvantaged tenants.

We have government houses but not enough for a growing disadvantaged population and the policies in place to protect the disadvantaged do not work on their own but need to be empowered.

The system is not adequate to cope with demand.

I know that many famous people donate to charities and donate a lot, but the money is mostly absorbed by bureaucracy such as was the case for the 2019-20 summer bushfires where the many millions donated by famous people was supposed to go directly to those affected.

But little, almost nothing, went to those that lost their homes and livelihoods in the fires.

The money was kept by the bureaucracy and used for things like technical equipment for fire brigades, things that the government should provide and should not be taken from money donated by the good American people to the disadvantaged Australian.

I ask one thing: could some of the famous people please pay a bit of attention to our internal third world that is largely disregarded because we assume that first world countries are better off.

We can be worse off in some cases and it is our children that suffer.

Our disadvantaged single mums, both in Australia and in America, need help for they can no longer live in peace and are at the mercy of a system that is unforgivably cruel.

Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman Oprah Winfrey and the many other famous people – we need help and as the world is shaping into a new system, due to COVID-19, let’s make this system a better one.

Money is not the only thing needed, we can also expose the problems so that something is done in practical and direct terms.

In Australia we have a tremendous problem of domestic violence that leads to homelessness for many single mums.

Let’s stop being judgmental and start to help.

It is very easy for the older generation to criticise but the elderly were very lucky for their world was a much better place and many older people have stuffed up due to greed, selfishness and ignorance.

The world is not the same for young people.

They simply do not have the same opportunities.

Let’s do something direct that we can see rather than give money that does not go to those that need it.

We have a third world crisis in America and Australia (of course other countries as well).

Let’s help our mums and our children.

The children belong to all of us because, after all, we have not inherited earth from our ancestors but borrowed it from our children.

Email, July 26
Alfredo Zotti, Blackwall