Local protesters dispersed by police

Police have responded in numbers to a protest against mandatory vaccinations for aged care workers in Erina this morning. A 27-year-old man has been taken into custody as the Central Coast remains in lockdown.

A Central Coast protester taken away by police – after rallying for medical freedom. 

The 27-year-old man fined for breaching public health orders and for failing to move along. 

But the man was not alone – as calls against the “no jab, no job” policy intensify.

After the Federal government made it compulsory for aged care workers to get vaccinated.

It comes as 8.2 million Aussies have been given the vaccine –  443,000 of those from the aged care sector. 

The Morrison Government has given those working in the industry up until mid-September to get the first dose. 

However as reported last week – the Central Coast is in short supply – with local clinics booked out until August.

Skaie Hull

6 Comments on "Local protesters dispersed by police"

  1. Paula Adams | July 6, 2021 at 9:51 am |

    Do aged care residents have a choice about having unvaccinated vs vaccinated staff, caring for them? If I was a resident, or had a relative in one of these facilities, I would require only vaccinated staff to enter my room. What is the point otherwise, of isolating residents from all visitors, when staff themselves are potentially carrying Covid infection into the workplace?

    • Your comment shows that you really are only parroting the narrative in mainstream media. Someone who had the jab is not less protected if people around them did not have the jab themselves. In fact, the jabs are only designed to give some protection from developing severe symptoms if and when infected AND actually developing an illness from it! What these jabs cannot do is protect from still catching it and transmitting it to others, which is precisely why it is wrong to think someone jabbed requires others to be jabbed too. Either you have the jab and may have some protection from otherwise potentially more severe symptoms if at all, or you are not. Furthermore, being tested ‘positive’ is mostly a big lie, as you should understand that the PCR-test is flawed. In Australia, and many counrtries around the world, they are conducted at cycle thresholds of 40-45, but this means you can literally find anything from nothing.
      Proof: NSW Health – https://www.pathology.health.nsw.gov.au/covid-19-info/sars-cov2-nat
      Here is a footage of Dr. Fauci over in the US who confirms this:

      And here is an New York Times article about it:

      This means, we have all been fooled to believe all these ‘cases’ are infectious or any sickness at all! Only when they conducted this test at much lower CT values or did antigen testing on all of them instead, would it have some meaning, but most likely w we would only have 1 or 2 out of each 100 alleged ‘new infections’ that are actually true.

      So think about all that before parroting the media narrative and demand experimental jabs on carers! I can tell you here and now that there will be MASS WALKOUTS of aged care workers due to this insane and unnecessary mandate to be vaxed!
      My wife just terminated her job and many others will follow, if online chatter is any indication.

  2. Melbourne anti vaxx protest organiser Monica Smit from Pakenham in Victoria, who is also anti mask, anti QR code, anti covid testing and believes covid is a hoax has been inciting anti vaxx aged care workers to protest against mandatory vaccinations in the aged care sector.

    Monica Smit organised an anti vaxx propaganda billboard truck to drive around Melbourne on Sun and Mon in an attempt to incite protesters, but her cheap stunt was a complete flop.

    Melbourne anti vaxx groups like Monica Smit’s Reignite Democracy Australia are the reason why Melbourne was plunged into extended lockdown.

    Monica Smit has set up chapters of her nuisance anti vaxx group in most states and some regional areas.

  3. Ivermectin is a lice treatment!!!! 335 deaths from Covid vaccine in Australia???? Anyone looking after the elderly has a role in prevention & transmission of infectious diseases. If you can’t have the vaccine don’t work with elderly or vulnerable. Simple!

  4. S Burdock | July 8, 2021 at 3:51 am |

    They can not legally force vax. With a 99.8% cure rate and the numbers Covid legally does not present as a Pandemic. The word pandemic was used to legally implement lockdowns and forced vax, it is not a Pandemic, the wrong terminology for nefarious reasons!
    Why are the vaccinated in lockdown?
    How is it a pandemic, why the miss use of the description, the word pandemic?
    Where is the supporting criteria for use of the word pandemic?

  5. S Burdock,

    Covid vaccinations are not mandatory, except perhaps in aged care where most covid deaths happened.

    Anti vaxxers can choose not to get vaccinated but their actions are responsible for plunging Melbourne and Sydney in extended lockdown.

    Anti vaxxers claiming covid is a hoax, refusing to use hand sanitiser, refusing to stay home during lockdown, refusing to wear masks, refusing to use QR codes, using fake names and phone numbers when manually signing in, making contact tracing complicated or impossible.

    Anti vaxxers can resist covid vaccinations as much as they like, but be assured their international travelling days are well and truly over.

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