Petrol prices anomaly?

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Some months ago, I had a fuel check app put on my smart phone.

At that time super petrol was around $1.74 per litre on the Peninsula, but if one drove over to the Empire Bay service station, super petrol was around $1.48 per litre. so, I was driving over to Empire Bay to fill my car.

When the independent petrol station was opened recently on Ocean Beach Road at Umina, it was expected that the variation would be similar, seeing that the new station was the same as Empire Bay around $1.50.

I noticed yesterday that super on the Peninsula was $1.70 per litre, and the new service station on OB road was selling for $1.65, and Empire Bay was selling for $1.69.

Seems like ‘something is rotten in the State of Denmark’.

Email, May 28
Ken Hall, Woy Woy