Choir Connections and the 5 Lands Walk

Yantra De Vilder in her Studio

AMPED: This week we interviewed the very talented Yanta De Vilder, composer, artist, film maker and performer from Avoca on the Central Coast.

Her choir has wowed listeners in Sydney, Central Coast and across the world. She’s been the artistic director of the 5 Lands Walk for a number of years and in 2020 while under COVID restrictions she released her arthouse film of the 2019 5 Lands Walk opening ceremony. The film has received much acclaim and awards around the world in festivals and private screenings.

This in-depth interview was recorded in De Vilder’s new audio studio in Avoca. Yantra discusses her passion for music, song and involvement with the 5 Lands Walk.

Yantra in her magical music studio

The 5 Lands Walk, first held in 2006 is a cultural event that celebrates local indigenous wisdom, the cultures of the region as well as the migration of the whales that happens along the coastline. 

Yantra also curates her choir for the opening ceremony each year, named the ‘Ephemeral Choir’.

“I always felt the 5 Lands Walk should have an opening. I put it to the committee that we should have a celebration and that I’m the girl to do it”

“it came together really organically. I composed all the original songs and pulled the choir together”

“Originally I had 50 people in the choir, students from Central Coast Grammar school and people from the community”

“Walking hand in hand with the indigenous community here is really important, that I’m guided with the story of the narrative which is really important, which is the message stick”

This year at the opening ceremony, the message will be read out in five different languages, celebrating multiculturalism.

Yantra will again be directing the opening night event of the 5 Lands Walk at Hunter park in Avoca on Friday 25 June under a rising the full moon at 5pm.

The 5 Lands Walk occurs on Saturday June 26, 2021, kicking off from Macmasters Beach in the morning.

Ellen Rubbo