Beds go from beach to Beirut

Seventy hospital beds have made the trip from the Beach to Beirut this month in a joint partnership with the Rotary Club of Umina Beach and Peninsula Villages.

The surplus beds, which were transported to Beirut via Castle Hill, were used to aid in reconstruction works on the ground.

Rotary Club members collected the beds and loaded them into the rental truck and drove them to the depot for transportation.

Publicity officer, Pat Lewis, said the Rotary organisation collects materials from clubs throughout Greater Sydney, and sends them in bulk to countries in need.

“There is urgent need for hospital equipment in Beirut due to the recent destruction of infrastructure by the chemical explosion in the port, but also due to the ravages of COVID-19,” Lewis said.

“The beds we sent will be part of a much larger combined shipment from many Rotary clubs so it would be very difficult for each club to receive individual feedback but the reputation of Rotary International for constantly supporting such causes throughout the world is well known.

“We have every confidence that these beds will reach their source and be immediately put to use.

“We thank Village CEO Shane Neave for his generosity in donating these beds.”

Lewis said the Club takes every opportunity they can to send goods to people in need in overseas countries.

“In the past we have collected and donated books and educational materials to Pacific Island countries, survival kits to countries hit by natural disasters, and even on one occasion, bras to women and girls in Fiji,” Lewis added.

“On another occasion, we sent knitted clothing for AIDS affected babies in South Africa through Rotary friends we have there.”

Maisy Rae