Airport lease granted too early

Overlooking the airport at Warnervale

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Dear Mr Hart, Administrator,

We, Mannering Park Progress, object in the strongest terms to the 45-year lease granted to the Central Coast Aero Club.

This is in contravention of all good planning processes.

The Masterplan for the airport is still being drafted, yet Central Coast Council is now locked in to a 45-year contract when this may be contrary to the findings of the Masterplan as to the best way to shape the airport’s future, who should be involved, as well as fees and charges schedules.

This has been a poor decision and we call on you, as Administrator, to revoke it, pending the outcome of the Masterplan.

We hope you are able to do this without a further serious impost on the Central Coast Council’s meagre finances.

Email, June 7
Kel Wynn, President
Mannering Park Progress