Swimming lessons for New Zealand Warriors’ children

Students from All Coast Swim Stars participating in a lesson.

All Coast Swim Stars, a local swimming school in Charmhaven, is providing swimming lessons for the children of the New Zealand Warriors NRL team.

The local, family owned swim school was approached by the team’s management to provide water safety and swimming lessons for the kids of the players while they call the Central Coast home during the NRL season.

“We understand that the families of the team are sacrificing a lot of the day-to-day routine while staying away from home for a long period during the NRL season, and for some of these children, they will be missing out on their regular swimming lessons,” said All Coast Swim Stars owner, John Blake.

The swim school will be providing lessons for 16 children aged between 8 months old and 12 years old for 1-2 days a week at their team residences.

With such a wide age range, the school will provide a range of appropriate classes from baby classes to stroke correction and fitness sessions.

The arrangement will be ongoing until the families can return home to New Zealand.

All Coast Sim Stars is one of the newest swim schools on the Central Coast, opening in January 2020.

“We opened just before the Australia wide closures from the Coronavirus occurred.

“We have fought through the unknown and came out the other side as a well reviewed Central Coast learn to swim centre that is running at capacity,” said Blake.

“With this being an essential life skill, All Coast Swim Stars is honoured to give these families a sense of a normal routine,” said Blake.

Harry Mulholland