Leagues Club redevelopment masterplan moves to next stage

A photo montage of the Central Coast Leagues Club redevelopment supplied with the DA

Central Coast Leagues Club’s $ 442M redevelopment masterplan has reached the next stage, with the Department of Planning issuing the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the project.

The Club will now prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), to include the development of a Consultation and Community Engagement Strategy which will likely include a letterbox drop and a community information session.

An environmental assessment will consider solar access, potential acoustic impacts, visual privacy, view loss, wind impacts, and overshadowing impacts.

The project comprises two stepped hotel towers on a podium at the north of the site, a public accessway through the site from Baker Street to Dane Dr; a basement carpark; and an open plaza adjacent to Georgina Terrace and fronting Leagues Club Park.

Documents lodged with the department say the two multi-storey towers, which will house a 200-room hotel, comply with provisions of the Development Control Plan (DCP) and allow maximum sunlight access to the newly opened Leagues Club Park.

“This positioning further retains key views from the regional approach to Gosford on the Central Coast Highway to these new towers, but more importantly retains views to the ridgeline of Rumbalara Reserve,” the documents say.

“This approach of pushing the towers to the northern portion of the site is further reinforced by the Urban Design Framework (UDF).

“These towers are located along the spine of height that is developing in Gosford.

“The height of the towers also differ to comply with the DCP principles for built form.”

Locally sourced sandstone and timber will be used in construction to complement the site’s proximity to the water.

Street walls will be retained along Baker St and Dane Dr but will be activated at ground level to draw people towards Leagues Club Park and the waterfront.

Two levels above the podium will be set back, allowing for reduced bulk and scale of the development and reducing overshadowing to public spaces.

The DA proposes a new east-west public accessway through the site with vehicular access from Baker St and exit onto Dane Dr.

The public domain concept, both around the site and connecting to the Gosford City Centre, will include pathways, cycle connections, landscaping, public art and lighting.

Department of Planning Major Projects site, Apr 12