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Beautiful Mt Ettalong is part of the COSS system

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As someone with family members who enjoy cycling, I really wanted to find a way for it to work on COSS land, but after research, personal investigation and talking to others, I cannot see a workable compromise.

The vandalism that has been carried out to date, both environmentally but also to the Indigenous landscape, is devastating and cannot be permitted to continue.

COSS is valued for many reasons by walkers, birders, people interested in learning about our Indigenous heritage, and people who care about the environment.

Mountain bike riding has always been permitted on fire trails under the Plan of Management but they want to create their own routes and then are constantly adding extra loops for fun that go nowhere, but destroy a lot of bush in the process.

I have observed numerous tyres, sandbags, many metres of timber to build ramps, used to create jumps and many trees and tree roots hacked away if they are in ‘their’ way.

The demolition of barriers trying to keep them out of sensitive areas is not acceptable.

Peaceful enjoyment of the bush and the noisy adrenaline rush of mountain biking are not complementary.

Shaving off sandstone engravings in order to ‘smooth’ a piece of track is vandalism that cannot be repaired.

The risks are far too great, and they need to look at land other than COSS to create their mountain bike park.

Email, Mar 16
Glenys Ray, Springfield

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  1. i am strongly opposed to the any project that allows mountain biking in natural areas.

    the truth is that mountain biking is an anti-environmental, destructive, industry supported, self-centered activity that creates destruction where it attempts to penetrate natural lands and the public trust. unlike the misinformation from proponents of this invasion, it is clear to see this is an industry/bike association/single-minded advocate agenda to penetrate public programs, buildings, and natural areas for self-centered gain, whether it be corporate sales, association control, or self-centered thrills, all with undue pressure/influence on local officials and at the expense of unique treasures like local parks and natural venues. it is a strategy that plays out across the nation, poisoned by the mantra of the privatized radical individual as opposed to the common good and public trust. these spaces are meant for all of the people, not the minority of a few to pursue restricted single-use narcissist adventure. open space parklands remain places of reflection and undisturbed connections with nature, among the diverse animal and plant life, terrain, and peace those things create. research nationally documents the destruction that mountain biking wreaks on the environment as well as people who want to pursue passive recreation.
    you must confront this intrusion and deny any use of the park for mountain biking or similar restricted-use disruptive activity. do you as a city want to turn every park into yet another industry-lobbied sports complex? Parks and natural environments are not gymnasiums, race tracks, sports complexes, or circus adventure rides, despite the propaganda from the industry and IMBA bike association partners, replete with their websites, consulting, and talking points, a 21st century snake-oil medicine show. do you really want the invasion of this destructive, dangerous, and restricted self-centered activity for a few with its consequent documented national history of future expansion, destruction, and danger to people (with permanent injuries and lawsuits against the city), or do you value something more: a place of reflection and connection with nature, others, and oneself, giving us our full humanity, nature’s gift to us all for generations past, present, and future.

  2. Well Mike, you would think you could at least go to the effort of typing a unique response/comment or even trying to adjust your argument to include even a slither of truth, or are grizzlies common in Australia now?

    Coast Community News – please take notice of who you are allowing input from. Considering the past events here on the Central Coast with the booby trapping of trails (incidents in Bouddi, Wyee etc), I would expect further consideration or investigation before allowing someone to spout irrational and unsubstantiated tripe such as above from both Mike and “Royal”.

    For readers perusing the comments of this article feel free to check out the below links:

    • Thank you James for pointing out that Mike was a US-based commentator who was mistakingly referring to the Californian Central Coast area. As a rule, we check for defamation and allow all comments that are on topic. We will now start checking for people’s offshore location and make an assessment to their contribution to the debate.

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