Welcome to Gosford … do you like our twee pseudo-Aboriginal decorations and our glorious Finance Building

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Adam Crouch, and Mono Constructions Director, Christopher Moujalli, at the concrete pouring

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Adam Crouch must be funning us when he boasts about the Leagues Club Field, that delivering “more than 20,000 square metres of (open space) … is a fantastic result” for the citizens of the Central Coast (CCN 280).

Perhaps he didn’t notice that the open space has already been there for decades and hasn’t been costing us a penny.

However, what has happened now is that we have spent $10M to change a plain, multi-use space into a chi-chi piece of landscape construction, complete with twee pseudo-Aboriginal decorations, whose exact purpose is unclear.

One outstanding result is that we now have a full frontal view of the ugliest building in Gosford – the Finance Office building – which anyone crossing the McGowan Bridge will now be able to see in all its gory (I’d say glory, but it is actually a bloody mess).

Does anyone believe that this was the highest-priority $10M work that was required in Gosford?

Can anyone explain how this piece of ego-building nonsense was allowed to proceed?

What benefit is it to the vast majority of Central Coast residents?

Let us hope that, if there is another $10M in small change floating about, it is put to better use than this pointless exercise.

Email, Feb 22
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy